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Skilled & experienced attorney for your Divorce, Family Law, Juvenile, Criminal Defense and DUI Defense needs in Daytona Beach and the surrounding Central Florida areas. 

Skilled and Experienced Attorney for your Divorce, Family Law, Juvenile and Criminal Law Needs in Daytona Beach, Volusia County, Flagler County, St. Johns County and the surrounding Central Florida areas.

At stressful times like these, it's essential that you have an experienced, sensitive and aggressive Daytona Beach Family Law lawyer at your side to advise you and guide you through the often frustrating maze of the legal system.  Here at the Law Office of Carol Lee Peake, we understand that this is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, stage of your life.  Committed to providing you with professional, responsive and courteous legal service, Attorney Carol Peake represents clients in Divorce, Family Law, Juvenile Dependency, Juvenile Delinquency and Criminal cases throughout Daytona Beach, Volusia, Flagler, St. Johns and Seminole Counties.

Family Law and Divorce

Family law deals with the dearest and most priceless aspects of our lives: our children and our marriages. Dealing with a divorce or child custody can bring about worries concerning what the future holds.

The divorce process includes a variety of issues that spouses encounter concerning their future relationship with their children.   Effective October 2008, the words "custody" and "visitation" have been removed from Florida law and have been replaced with the terms "time-sharing" and "parental responsibility" to promote a sense of unity between spouses in raising the children.

In addition, there is no longer a primary residence designation, with a few exceptions.  The new statute requires the creation of a parenting plan that establishes parental responsibility, time-sharing arrangements and child support.  In these matters, it is key to seek the legal advice of an experienced family law attorney who commands an intimate understanding of relevant law.

The Law Office of Carol Lee Peake has experience developing beneficial parenting plans to  protect your parental rights.  The Law Office of Carol Lee Peake also represents clients seeking post-judgment modifications of parenting plans and contempt of court for failure to adhere to court orders ratifying those plans.  If you need help establishing a parenting plan or any other family law matter, contact the Law Office of Carol Lee Peake for honest, aggressive representation of your family law matter. 

As your divorce lawyer, Carol Peake will make sure your interests are fairly represented and an appropriate solution is reached.  Ms. Peake practices in all areas of family law including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, modifications, relocation and paternity.


 Carol Peake also also has extensive experience in the juvenile court system including both juvenile dependency and delinquency proceedings.  Navigating the complexities of the juvenile court system can be can be extremely challenging.  A skilled juvenile defense attorney like Carol Peake can help ensure that you and/or your child has the appropriate legal representation to help you through this difficult time.   


When you are dealing with law enforcement or the Department of Children and Families, you may need a skilled juvenile attorney to assist you with your situation and your children. In cases in which your children have been removed from the home based on reports claiming the children are endangered, you need help quickly. A juvenile dependency attorney can assist you. These cases can be extremely stressful and complex, as the reports on the child abuse can come from almost any source.  The Department of Children and Families is required to remove children that may be endangered. But what if the report is inaccurate, vindictive or based on rumor?  You still face proving that you are a good parent to your child, and fighting to get them back into your own home. 


If your child has been arrested for any juvenile crime, it is crucial that you select a juvenile attorney that is skilled in dealing with the juvenile court system. Carol Peake has extensive experience with all juvenile arrests. Your child needs representation that will fight on their behalf, and that of the family. Young people make mistakes, and ensuring that they do not end up spending years in the court and juvenile detention system is important.  Carol Peake offers support and competent legal representation to children arrested and/or charged with crimes, while assisting the child's family in understanding and navigating the juvenile delinquency system.

There are many available options for young offenders, and with the assistance of a skilled juvenile defense attorney, a good option for your child can be found and presented to the court. When they are in the juvenile detention center, this may not be the environment that will solve your child’s problems.  Many young people “learn their lesson” by being arrested and charged. If the crime is a serious crime, the child may be tried in the adult court system.


We all make mistakes as juveniles.  Hopefully we learn from our mistakes and it’s a one time occurrence.  It is important not to let one mistake follow your child for years to come.  Your child’s juvenile arrest record may be visible to potential employers and colleges.  Your child may suffer consequences as a result of his or her juvenile arrest record ranging from obtaining employment, college admissions and scholarship eligibility.  If your child has been offered and successfully completes a diversionary program, his or her Florida criminal charges will be dismissed and he or she may qualify to have his or her record sealed or expunged.  If your child’s juvenile arrest record can be expunged or sealed, he or she can legally say the incident never occurred so that it cannot affect college and/or employment applications.   Protect your child and contact the Law Office of Carol Peake today.


If you’re facing a Florida criminal charge, you know that you face serious repercussions that may include fines and even jail time.  However, it may be possible to avoid these consequences, and even the conviction itself, through a process known as diversion.  Daytona Beach criminal defense lawyer, Carol Lee Peake, is knowledgeable about every aspect of diversion and will push for a resolution that helps you avoid the repercussions of the charges you face.

Diversion is in essence a suspension of criminal proceedings for a certain period of time while the you are given an opportunity to complete requirements laid out under the plan.  Generally, if you complete the requirements, the charges against you are dismissed.

Most diversion programs are designed for non-violent, first- or second-time offenders with no history of violence.  If you qualify for a diversion program, you will need to fulfill all of the obligations, which typically include classes, community service, restitution, payment of court fines and any other tasks as the prosecution deems fit.  Once you complete the requirements of the program, your charges are typically dismissed.

Whether diversion is an option available to you largely depends on the type of charges you face and your prior record.  If you’re facing a Florida criminal charge, diversion may be an option that allows you to stay out of jail and avoid a criminal record.  A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney  can analyze your case to determine whether you’re eligible.  To learn more about criminal diversion in Daytona Beach or the surrounding Central Florida areas, contact criminal defense attorney Carol Lee Peake for a free initial consultation.

If you or a family member needs help with cases that involve juvenile law, family law, juvenile dependency, child abuse accusations or adoption, Ms. Peake is well-qualified to provide you with legal representation.  Ms. Peake has extensive experience in these areas of the law and is prepared to go the distance for the client.